Horsemanship Badge

Horsemanship Badge

(For scouts aged 7 and older. Troop minimum of 4 scouts.)

Our Horsemanship Badge is earned in a two-hour lesson.  The first hour is focused on learning about the basics of a horse’s body parts, learning each piece of tack used in horseback riding and explaining its usage, learning how to tack, and how to saddle a horse. 

Scouts will also learn about a horse’s daily routine, First Aid, and how to properly care for a horse which includes showing the Scouts how to properly “muck” a horse or pony pen and stall and discussing their basic nutritional needs.

The second hour consists of each Scout being assigned to a horse.  The Scouts learn to mount their horse, how to steer, stop, balance, and then un-tack their horses. 

This lesson will equip the Scouts with a complete basic introduction to horsemanship and the horse world.

The cost to earn this 2-hour horsemanship badge is $40 per rider. Minimum age is 7 and minimum group size is 4 scouts. Larger groups of 10 or more scouts will be divided into 2 groups to rotate through the stations. Extra-large groups may need to be divided between multiple visits.