Famous Horses

Throughout history, a few people have made a name for themselves. Yet, there are horses that perhaps are even more remembered historically. Here are a few horses that have made history.


Secretariat, also known as Big Red, was a champion American thoroughbred racehorse. He was the ninth winner of the American Triple Crown. Secretariat broke the fastest time record and still holds it. He is considered one of the best racehorses of all time.

Black Caviar

Black Caviar is an Australian thoroughbred English horse. Unbeaten in 25 races, it has been claimed that the racehorse was never whipped. Black Caviar was the world champion in the years  2010,2011,2012 and 2013 world champions.


Seabiscuit was born on May 23, 1933. This legendary racehorse has not won any of its first 17 races. Seabiscuit new instructor, Tom Smith, completely recreated Seabiscuit. Seabiscuit won several races, including New York, and Detroit. It held the title of the highest-paid thoroughbred racehorse in the USA until the 1940s. He won the Triple Crown in 1937. He was named the Horse of the Year in 1938. It is a famous horse in popular culture. Many documentaries, and films have been shot and books have been written about him. Seabiscuit retired in 1940. During his retirement, he held the title of the highest-paid racehorse of all time. She gave birth to 108 foals. It was visited by about 50000 people before it died.


The Comanche is a hybrid horse that survived the war. The horse was bought for the us army. Used by Captain Myles Keogh for combat riding only. He continued to carry Keogh despite multiple injuries.


Legendary horse of Alexander the Great. Alexander domesticated the horse when he was 13 years old, and no one even dared to touch it because it was an aggressive horse.


Marengo was the famous war horse Napoleon that carried him from war to war. Marengo was injured eight times in his life. Marengo was later captured and brought to the United Kingdom, where the horse is still displayed on exhibit in the museum.


Pegasus, which has an important place in Greek mythology, is a legendary winged horse. He is the horse god and was raised by Poseidon. It is also in charge of carrying the lightning bolts of Zeus.

Hollywood Horses 

Golden Cloud (Trigger)

Filmmaking was in its Golden Age in the 1930s in Hollywood, California. In 1938, a horse that would become a Hollywood hero, the horse named Golden Cloud, made its debut in the popular film, The Adventures of Robin Hood, co-starring Erol Flynn and Olivia DeHavilland of Gone With the Wind fame. Born in 1932 to the owners of Hudkin Stables, Golden Cloud had a rich gold color along the white, flowing mane and a white tail. In Adventures of Robin Hood, he wore a medieval costume and played Maid Marion’s trusted steed. 

Golden Cloud’s next big break would be when it was chosen among several horses that auditioned by the King of the Cowboys himself, Roy Rogers. At the time, Republic Studios wanted to make several Westerns, and Golden Cloud was chosen for the job. Rogers renamed Golden Cloud to Trigger, and they made Under Western Stars together. The name Trigger was chosen because Golden Cloud was so fast, and they created an iconic pose, where Trigger reared up on his back legs after Roy climbed his back. 

Roy Rogers eventually purchased Trigger for $2,500 and for the next ten years, they were a famous team. Trigger’s best film was the 1948 film Under California Stars, where Trigger gets stolen! Trigger had a saddle that was worth $50,000 and contained 1,000 rubies. Trigger starred in 87 films, and 101 TV shows, knew over 60 tricks, and could often be a scene stealer with its great timing. Trigger could do a dance step, a perfectly timed yawn, stamp his foot to count, and walk 150 steps on his hind legs. 

In 1957, Trigger retired and passed away in 1965 at 33 years old. Roy Rogers was sad that he lost his beloved horse and was quoted as saying that Trigger had been “the greatest horse who ever came along.” Fans of Trigger can find books and toys of the Hollywood Horse, thanks to Trigger’s fan club. Trigger was indeed Hollywood’s golden age hero horse.

King Charles

King Charles was born in 1937. The horse “actor” is known for his production of National Velvet. Elizabeth Taylor fell in love with the horse during filming. Elizabeth bonded with the horse by riding and taking care of it every day to prepare for her role in the movie. King Charles was aggressive towards people other than Elizabeth Taylor. The horse was gifted to Elizabeth Taylor after production. He is the cousin of the champion thoroughbred racehorse Seabiscuit.