Equine Assisted Learning for Companies

Equine assisted learning (EAL) has continued to gain popularity as a tool to help personal development and growth. By incorporating horses into learning activities, it allows one to enhance self-awareness, develop communication skills, increase leadership abilities, and also nurture problem solving and teamwork capabilities.

By harnessing the fundamental qualities of horses it creates an amazing learning experience. Horses are very intuitive and sensitive creatures, and they offer immediate and honest feedback based on human interactions. While engaging in different activities with horses, participants such as teammates through a company sponsored event or someone looking to experience the benefits alone, are encouraged to develop self-awareness, empathy and effective communication skills.

Because of a horses keen observation skills and being a prey animal, they are able to respond to human behavior and emotions extremely well. This interaction fosters emotional intelligence, resilience, and adaptability.


When taking part in EAL it involves a range of activities that will promote growth and self-discovery. These take place in a controlled environment such as an open field or even an arena with the guidance of trained staff. Some of these tasks could include taking a horse through an obstacle, using nonverbal communication, and even participating in heard dynamics simulations.

Many of these activities will require one to step out of their comfort zone, overcome challenges, and learning to develop trust and respect with the horse. Because of the immediate feedback participants will explore their own behaviors, emotions, and patterns of communication.

the nonjudgmental nature of these activities we’ll create a safe place for personal exploration and growth. The bond that one forms with a horse can provide comfort, motivation, and companionship. While working with horses it will also promote self-confidence, assertiveness, and problem-solving skills, while effectively managing their emotions, practicing emotional regulation, and social skills.

Companies looking to create a thriving workplace and employee engagement can significantly benefit from exercises like these. Equine assisted learning will offer a unique experience for employees which can lead to their sense of connection and fulfillment. These types of programs can serve as a development opportunity and can demonstrate that you are invested in their personal and professional growth. From a therapeutic standpoint working with horses can contribute to stress reduction and provide emotional well-being. In 2023 and in the future companies will continue prioritizing mental health among employees and partaking in activities such as E AL can lead to higher job satisfaction, increase productivity, and lower turnover rates.

This is especially true and stressful environments or fast-paced sales teams that may tend to forget to take time to prioritize their health. Incorporating EAL into a corporate training or team building activity can provide companies with numerous benefits including organizational growth and success. These unique experiences will provide your employees with satisfaction and will help build trust among their peers which in turn will benefit the organization overall. If you are looking for an area to experience this horse-human connection, contact River Ranch Educational Charities and discuss opportunities available in the area.