Skin Conditions in Horses: Causes, Cures and Prevention


There are many skin conditions that can affect horses including, fungus, bacteria and parasites. Due to injuries, allergies or other factors this can make horses more susceptible to these conditions. Some horses are more prone to skin conditions than other and there is not a one size fits all to treating horses. There are many way to prevent these conditions from occurring such as keeping the horse clean and dry.

Other skin conditions that can affect horses are parasites, such as ticks, mites, and lice, can cause skin irritation and inflammation. Allergies can also be caused by environmental factors, such as pollen or dust, or by food allergens.

There are many treatments available for skin conditions affecting horses and a good veterinarian will be able to provide the right medications to treat these condition effectively.

Some of the medications commonly prescribed are:

-Antibiotics: Often prescribed to treat skin conditions caused by bacteria in horses.

-Anti-parasitic drugs: May be prescribed to treat skin conditions caused by parasites.

-Anti-inflammatory medications: Can help relieve inflammation and pain.

Horse owners also want to take appropriate measures to prevent an infestation of bugs and other rodents which could lead to disease or skin conditions. Using fly repellants can help reduce these conditions.

Keeping the horse well clean and groomed can also contribute to its overall well-being. Although these are useful measure that can help it is not always 100% and you may run into situations that need immediate treatment.